Commercial Wastewater Treatment

Clearwater has just added to its list of successful industrial water treatment projects with the completion of a $250,000 water treatment facility for Charles Sturt University's Veterinary Clinical Centre. The Veterinary Clinical Centre is a training facility for students doing equine and animal studies at CSU. It's a state of the art, $10 Million facility that is unique in Australia.

Being engaged in veterinary clinical treatment, the centre generates a significant amount of waste water in the course of its operations. Such an advanced facility obviously needs a superior water treatment plant to effectively clean and treat its waste water. And when it came to looking for a company to provide the required water treatment solutions, the Centre approached Clearwater Treatment Industries.

"A very important part of the whole project was being able to have sustainable removal of the waste from this facility," explains Bernie. (deleted: Neylan, Clearwater's owner and General Manager.) "The wash down from horse excrements and organic loadings from this facility were very high. It required a much greater and more involved level of water treatment, storage and disposal than would normally be the case"

The challenge for Clearwater was to treat the Centre's waste water and achieve class 'A' water – this is water that is highly treated and cleaned for dispersal over a 6,000 square metre irrigation area. Bernard began the process by writing the project brief to describe the exact project design and how things would work. Then Bernard and his staff met with building, council and soil engineers to put everything together in a workable plan. Council wrote the environmental specifications for the project, but it was Clearwater that re-modeled the specifications to make it workable and wrote it out in a management plan that Council approved.

"We had a heavy responsibility to gain final council approval on the waste water management plant" says Bernard. A big tick for the waste plant meant that final approval could be given for the whole $10 Million dollar Equine Veterinary Clinic facility. Clearwater's close coordination with both CSU and Council paid off as the water treatment facility was successfully constructed and completed on an empty lot right beside the Veterinary Clinical Centre. It is truly a showcase of Clearwater's industrial water treatment capabilities.

Bernard explains: "This is a system with high-performance criteria built in from the ground up", the whole project was unique due to the following factors :-

  • Clearwater had to write the entire environmentally sensitive management plan modeled around council requirements and customer needs.
  • Customer use of the treatment system is monitored daily and recorded.
  • The system maintenance is scrutinized and transparent.
  • Very "high tech" processing of waste involving the use of
    • Aeration
    • Membrane technology
    • Radium Oxidisation
  • No introduction of chemicals to contaminate the environment.
  • Designed for low maintenance and high reliability.
  • Will have minimum or no impact on the environment.
  • Aesthetically blends with the surroundings.
  • Planned with all possible future requirements and or eventualities integrated.

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