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Buying a Septic System

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The Steps Generally Involved in Buying a Septic System

  1. Apply to coucil - we'll help you fill out the paperwork.
  2. You contact us and we arrange a site visit.
  3. Our friendly wastewater specialist will inspect your site and work out the best installation and location for your site and design the irrigation to fit your needs and budget.
  4. We supply a written quote.
  5. We help you with the Coucil septic tank application and paperwork.
  6. Application approval by Council.
  7. Tanks are delivered to your site already prepared for installation.
  8. Excavation and installation of the tanks is usually only a couple of hours work.
  9. We fit the irrigation system to your requirements.
  10. Once the plumber and the electrician have connected to the system, we check all functions and commission the system ready for use immediately.

When you a purchase new system, you become an important customer,
we're servicing your system 12 months ... for FREE!

Services on your Wastewater System are normally conducted by our company as part of NSW Health Department and Shire Council requirements. We are a Department of Health licensed and approved service agent.

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Our service includes the following:

  • Testing pump flow rates.
  • Testing the pumps electrically.
  • Monitoring sludge levels and doing required Sludge Bulking Tests.
  • Checking the internal structures of the tanks.
  • Monitoring irrigation equipment.
  • Monitoring and replacement of chlorination dosing.
  • Filling out reports for you to check.
  • Submission of servicing reports to council.
  • Maintenance of historical database for your system.
  • A service report is left after each service (usually under front or back door) and a copy of report is passed to your Shire Council representative by our company.
  • Supply and installation of chlorine dosing tablets.
  • Conduct minor repairs on site at service time

When you undertake the yearly servicing agreement we can arrange everything for you and send out an annual contract for you sign and return with your payment. You can opt to pay a yearly discounted rate which includes four services within a 12 month period or pay quarterly as each service has been completed.

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